The Leadership Training

This half- to one-day follow-up program is for upper-level directors and managers who have already completed The Basic Course and recognize the importance of embodying the language and material from the course in a serious and significant way.

While management is the art of getting something from one place to another in a timely manner, leadership is about creating an environment where people are encouraged, empowered, inspired and enthusiastic about getting the job done.

The degree to which a leader is being deliberate and thoughtful, versus working from a place of reactivity, stale routine, or opinion, is critical in making the shift from management to leadership.

In order for this to happen, leaders need to actively create a way in which the people around them can win. This course offers a powerful way to design a structure in which milestones, small victories and accomplishments can be celebrated, even in the midst of seemingly non-stop action. The course looks at critical elements of leadership including:

  • Creating a committed culture that the leaders want for their department, team or organization.
  • Developing tools for creating a winning environment.
  • Distinguishing what each individual leader brings to the team.

“All-day training sessions are typically looked upon with despair and regret in the midst of a busy work life. When I was enrolled in my first course taught by Randy I carried the same skepticism. Little did I know the effect that course would have on my career and my life. To call this session a “class” or “seminar” would be doing it an injustice. It is truly a transformational “experience”. Randy is able to articulate in easy to understand methods how to reflect the way one lives their life. She shows you how to use this reflection to become accountable and more collaborative in your work and home life.”

Dan Hanus
Vice President IT Strategy, Oriental Trading