I couldn’t recommend Randy or her “Basic Course” any higher. As a leader that believes strongly in personal accountability and taking control of ones own destiny, I found the perfect coach and trainer in Randy. She balances humor, tough love, experience and highly relatable stories to bring to life important lessons that promote immediate change and action in employees. I recently had an international team of more than thirty individuals personally thank me for bringing Randy into our offsite and for not only affecting their work lives, but their personal lives as well.

  • Brian Irving
    VP/Global Digital Marketing, Levi’s

All prior training had been centered around specific deliverables, technology or soft skills. However, this training is broad and dynamic and is the stick at the bottom of the pile that will cause all others on top to jumble. The empowerment and wellbeing produced a positive home and workplace that will naturally produce high quality results that affect the bottom line. Already in the same week as the training, there have been numerous testimonies about how employees have used this unique experience. The return on investment on this initiative is priceless.

  • Troy M Buehler
    First Data Corporation
    Retail Alliance Services Product Development
    Director Interchange, Core Association Systems

If I can point to one person who has been instrumental in my ability to lead, it has been Randy. Through her workshops and coaching, she has given me the underlying principles to empower myself and others. Time and time again, I refer back to many of the things she has taught me. I have not met anyone with the wisdom and insight that she has. She is truly gifted!

  • Anita Richards
    Vice President Marketing, Providian Financial

Randy provided invaluable insights to help in my development as a manager at Genentech. She was able to bring a fresh perspective and offer alternative ways of dealing with challenging situations. Her unique coaching style was personalized and honest. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

  • Rachel Retajczyk
    Managed Care Marketing, Genentech, Inc.

All-day training sessions are typically looked upon with despair and regret in the midst of a busy work life. When I was enrolled in my first course taught by Randy I carried the same skepticism. Little did I know the effect that course would have on my career and my life. To call this session a “class” or “seminar” would be doing it an injustice. It is truly a transformational “experience”. Randy is able to articulate in easy to understand methods how to reflect the way one lives their life. She shows you how to use this reflection to become accountable and more collaborative in your work and home life. She gives you the tools and techniques to navigate the “traps” at work and home which prevent you from being the best you can possibly be in the world. She arms you with the capabilities to transform your “being” into the highest functioning individual possible.

  • Dan Hanus
    Vice President IT Strategy, Oriental Trading

Randy’s enthusiasm and energy was vital for our team and I think the training will be very helpful to our people, both work related and personal. We were most appreciative of Randy’s friendly attitude and personal involvement as well as her ability to see the potential and identify the strengths of our people.

  • Maros Holcsik
    GPD Slovakia First Data

I’ve sponsored and participated in many training programs but none that have had this kind of impact- at least half the people either told me it was the best training they had ever received or that is was life changing.

  • Della Dodds,
    Director, Symantec

In times when we all have to tighten our belts, this program gave us a lot of bang for our buck. Randy established great rapport with our group and the ‘above the line’ framework has become part of our collective language. The framework helped us identify when we were operating at less than optimum with supervisors and colleagues and what we could do to immediately shift. I attribute that to Randy’s effective and personable presentation style – the group really took to it and are utilizing it in everyday life.

  • Elizabeth Mason
    University of California, Office of the President

Randy and her material are fabulous. The content really brings people back to something they can work with — themselves! So often in the workplace, we try to fix other people, fix processes, etc…but, with this course, you see that what needs to be fixed is you.

  • Sue Walker
    Worldwide Communications Manager, Hewlett Packard